Ley permitiendo privatización del agua en Indonesia decretado inconstitucional

The World Bank sponsored Water Law in Indonesia is Unconstitutional

> Today, Indonesian Constitutional Court annulled
> Indonesian Law Number 7/2004 that allowed privatisation on
> water because it is not comply to Indonesian Constitution. This is a
> result of the second Judicial Review brought by Muhammadiyah and
> Alwasliyah; two of biggest Indonesia’s religeous mass organization.
> In 2004, KRuHA brought the first Judicial
> Review for the same Law on Water Resources No.7/2004 and the
> Constitutional Court interpretated the water law as follows:
>  “Considering whereas water is a common resource, the management of water has to be included in
> the public legal system which cannot be made as the object of
> ownership in the concept of civil law.”
> This year the court examined the practices of water governance
> using the same intepretation.  It determined that the Drinking
> Water Management System that regulates private sector participation
> and the Full cost recovery mechanism represent “hidden privatization practices”

and therefore violate the country’s constitution.